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Software: Retail Solutions
We completed the development and manufacture of multimedia kiosks and digital MUPI's with the development of complete software solutions for a wide variety of applications, and for any activity.

Welcome to Visitors (YWellcome)
Software that when installed in a multimedia kiosk or digital interactive Mupi, using a proximity sensor, determines that a client has reached and pop up a welcome message.

This software can make use avatars or real videos to give more realism to the reception.

This software may be a complement to the software "Virtual Desk", which is shown below.

Customer Loyalty (YCustomer)
Loyalty Software Management easily allows in an interactively way the management of the customer loyalties in any business field.

The loyalty of customers is extremely important for any business and this softwre was designed to ensure flexibility and interactivity with your business. Offers management of Credits / Points / Client and allows you to print reports for analysis, management of customer records with all data about the customer,and awards management.

It is easy to integrate with any system and allows it to be installed in a Multimedia Kiosk so that customers can see their points /credits through its loyalty card.

Bluetooth Marketing (YBlue)
YBlue is a new generation of proximity marketing via Bluetooth. With this small and simple device /software can advertise your business / company / to brand levels you never imagined.

It is a software that can be installed in a multimedia kiosk or independently on a computer that enables blutooth sending messages to mobile phones and devices that have bluetooth enabled.

Indoor TV (YTV)
The YTV or YCommmerceTV is an online television platform that works in web environment and may be used for the development of webtv or video laerning online . Nowadays televisions are being used at events for streaming video of the event, exhibitions, etc.. or development of corporate television for transmission within enterprises.

Being developed for a web environment, the videos can be transmitted locally or via the Internet, allowing it to be broadcast via the Internet and can be viewed by any user with Internet access or that may be being transmitted in Multimedia Kiosks or Digital Mupi in any event, sports, organizations, or even in companies with Mupis or plasmas / displays placed in strategic locations.

Click here to access the official website of this product.

Digital Signage and Queue Management (YDS)

YDS is a software for Digital Signage / Corporate TV with possibility to integrate simultaneous a Queue Management / Attendance module.

The YDS main functionality is to use displays, positioned in physical space of customer influence behavior. Whether buying or brand loyalty.

In a exciting dynamic way, the YDS allows clients to better understand the brand, products, events, campaigns, promotions, the most competitive prices, suggestions and recommendations.

This content management system has an intuitive interface, simple and extremely easy to use.

Integrates: Content Management Software
+ Screen + Queue Management (with wireless call buttons, multimedia kiosk ticket dispenser or manual dispenser).

Call us (+357 24 813 330) or send us an email (info@cypruskioskcompany) to get a DEMO of this software

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