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Real Catcher
The Automated Audience Measurement Solution

Real Catcher system is a simple, effective and very low cost Automated Audience Measurement Solution.Supported by a powerful back office system that measures, with accuracy, the effectiveness of any communication (advertising stimulus / reaction) and if it was successful (either static or dynamic advertising).

How does Real Catcher solution works?

Real Catcher is based on innovative image analysis techniques and uses a standard webcam in the vicinity of the measured media pointing at the intended audience.

After that, the sistem analyzes the stream of images provided by the camera and estimates the number of people passing in front of the media (TV, Outdoor, Mupi, etc), counts how many people are actually looking at the media and provides their dwell time, attention time and demographics.

It is also possible to the system determine how long a specific person was looking at the message is being displayed.

Multiple systems can be installed with the same message/communication in different locations that are constantly sending information to a backoffice that is accessible from any computer via web browser and an IP address.

By this way you can monitorize, in real time, all the terminals in your network, and realize which one(s) or in witch location your communication has more impact.

After thar you can compare the data and see where the communication becomes more effective.

How are provided the reports?

The software automatically provides instantaneous and continuous audience data for immediate use.

"Viewer count" is the number of people that have actually looked at the media. The term of "number of impressions" is also used in printed media or audience in broadcast media. .

"Opportunity to See" (OTS) is a standard marketing metric which quantifies the number of potential viewers for an advertisement. OTS is related to actual impressions by a conversion factor which globally captures the effectiveness of a messaging strategy.

In digital signage, OTS is represented by the aggregate footfall in front of a given screen. Now, with OTS, you can estimate your conversion factor as well at no extra cost.

What are the keypoints of the Real Catcher?

Instantaneous, continuous audience data with multiple metrics such as:

1.Opportunity to See, real viewer count, dwell and attention time, demographics

2. Quick and easy to deploy

3. Affordable

4. No extra or specialized hardware: The reports can be installed on most existing digital signage players or on a small form-factor PC.

5. No costly cameras: Real Catcher can use most standard webcams or IP cameras available on the market (we recommend Logitech's Quickcam Fusion Refresh, Quickcam Pro 9000 and Quickcam Pro for Notebooks.)

6. Easy IT integration: audience data are available in real time to third-party applications

7. Privacy: no images are ever recorded and no uniquely identifiable data are extracted.

8. Security: all data are encrypted

9. Enhanced reporting to VidiCenter (upload history, input and processing status)

(Diagram of how the information is processed when captured by the realcatcher system)

Installation / Integration of Real Catcher with Digital Signage

Digital Signage is an ideal form of communication for public and commercial spaces: because digital signage delivers dynamic content. However, the challenge remains: how can we involve the audience so that the views are not so quickly in the attencion for the system? We need to create a more enduring relationship between the viewers and the brand.

But how we can achieve a more lasting relationship?

Multimedia and interactivity are certainly the key words that can respond to this problem

Today, these digital signage systems are equipped with displays with touchscreen amd even multitouch. They they can be the key to raise the durability of the relationship between viewer and brand. The mechanisms of interaction between these two elements is the key to an effective communication.

We can then say through interactivity, we have probably a more effectively relationship with the consumers when compared with a normal advertising (single track, without interactivity) but we are sure that by this way we achieve a more lasting relationship.

This system allows the customer to understand all these differences and from the obtained results take the decisions and move on to the ground.

Many top brands are tested in real environment (eg, advertising agencies) to understand the effectiveness of this or that type of communication. Real Catcher will certainly be an essential work tool to draw valid and very important conclusions.

quiosques multimedia




((Example of an LCD equipped with the Real Catcher System)


((Example of an LCD equipped with the Real Catcher System)



(Distribution of attention times)




(Average week: Male & female viewers vs. attention time)




(Attention time and viewer count per day for a single store)


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