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YDS Software
Services & Queue Management

The queue Management software associated with the multimedia touchscreen kiosks, digital kiosks or simple to a paper dispensers, optimizes the customers waiting time, and above all, make the organization and management of customers call more efficient, fast and simple for any company.

YDS Software (QM Version- Queue Managment)
With simple installation and configuration, the queue/sevices management software YDS QM, it's easy to work for users and installers.

Allows you to configure layouts and system parameters in an intuitive way, while maintaining features that let you suit the system to most cummon projects. Where a specific project with features that are not yet present in the current version, we provide the opportunity to our customers to study the extent of developments.

The QM PAD software also offers, which is installed in the PC (call points / counters), with unlimited points number of in order to make our proposal even more competitive, because this software certainly is the most technologically advanced existent in market.

We also remember that our software is modular and enables the integration of the queue management simultaneously with corporate TV | Digital Signage module. If you are looking for a complete solution (queue management + coporate tv), then click here.


Service Management and balcony;
User/ Customers transfer to other services;
Priority Queues (People with disabilities, pregnant women, elderly);
Passwords delete of users who did not attend;
Call and re-call of password;
Alert for maximum number of users on hold;
Services description;
User/ operators Management (username and password);
Statistics with HTML export possibility;
Online information for operators;
QM PAD(call software) for free and with friendly interface;

SMS send

Daily and between dates;
By service, operator or by agency
Waiting times (average, maximum and minimum), time to attend (average, maximum and minimum);
Total satisfied, canceled, rerouted and on hold passwords;
Comparative Graphics;

(fig. 1 - Backoffice Image - Service Configuration)

(fig. 2 - Display / LCD Image - Presentation Example)

(fig. 3 - Call Sofware Image | Call Buttons without computer)

Possible Configurations

Filas Espera

(fig. 4 - Queue Management software with manual queue dispenser system and wireless call buttons for users. )

(fig. 4 - Queue management software with multimedia kiosks or automatic for ticket dispenser and costumers call through a computer with QM PAD software. )

quiosques multimedia




Dispensador Senhas Manual


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