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Multimedia kiosks and Advertising Digital Mupis are developed and produced in Portugal. The success of our company in the international market shows us that we develop and produce products of excellence and therefore we should be confident and proud in the future of Portugal.

Brief explanation of symbol used

Symbol we use in the upper right corner of the site (shown below) that is also recorded in our multimedia kiosks is a graphical representation which seeks to identify the products we develop (especially abroad), as being of Portuguese origin. We're confident that we developed excellent products and as Portuguese we want customers to identify the origin of these products. We all have a civic duty to "look" for our country.

Quiosques Multimedia Partteam

The symbol is result from the junction of the phrase "Made in Portugal" to the graphics simbols ("quinas") that were replaced by D. Sancho on the Portuguese flag from 1185 to 1245 to 1248

A little history of this "substitution" and the evolution of the flag of Portugal can be found at this address:

quiosques multimedia

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