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Events & Exhibitions
Even more companies participate in fairs, events, seminars , workshops. The law that exist isn't enough but we must appear to the world" is taken into care by many companies.The multimedia kiosks and digital advertising panels provide a valuable aid in this direction

Many companies take advantage of the exhibitions and events in which they participate to appear and show off to the society, to its market or its target audience. To make a more effective this appearence, in most cases, they want the use the latest technology available on the market.

That is for this reason that the use of a multimedia kiosk or digital Mupi to advertise their products and services during the event or exhibition is increasing in the past few years. Any of this supports pass on a nature, modern, innovative and dynamic message to the visitors

Many companies present at exhibitions use digital interactive information because they know the impact is much higher. The visual aspect (the image of companies) become, today, a differentiating factor that all the companies pay attention.

All marketing directors know that "the image sells." These digital tools such as multimedia kiosks and digital advertising panels give a great help to companies in the struggle for a prominent position in a market that is quite competitive.

Multimedia kiosks are thus an increasingly indispensable tool in events and exhibitions to work as:

• Inform and publish different ads for events that occur during the Event.

• Products promotion by companies that will participate in the event.

• Directory Kiosk with a graphical interface capable of doing a search the event stands and companies that are in the event.

• Hot-spot for the event.

• Ticket Dispenser for seminars..

• Access Control of visitor (access management to venues, check-in)

• Fast and easy access to the Internet (at large international events customer need to be in permanent contact with your company via email or video conference)

• Interactive Multimedia Ads

"The multimedia kiosks and digital advertising panels are now almost a demand from customers who participate in exhibitions, events or national and international fairs. They know these typpe of communication will give a great help to their companies in the fight for the best position in the market."
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