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Software Demo Versions
The DEMO versions are in alphabetical order for better research.
Click on images to download the software or access the specific mini-site software.
The YKiosk is a secure web browser with URL filtering, which lets you create a custom Start menu with just the selected applications.

The YKiosk includes a shell lock (yKiosk security service) for windows that allows you to specify the permissions that the user has access and which of them will be blocked.

Also allows you select which units that the user has access and which applications can or can not be acessed.

Click Here to access the official website of the software, entirely developed by PARTTEAM GROUP.
quiosques multimedia
The YDS is a Digital Signage software for Corporate TV with possibility to add Queue Management/ Attendance modules.

The main functionality of YDS is to use displays positioned in physical space to influence customer behavior. Whether buying or brand loyalty.

In a dynamic and exciting way, allows clients to better understand the brand, products, events, campaigns, promotions, the most competitive prices, suggestions and recommendations.

This management system has an intuitive interface, simple and extremely easy to use.

Integrates: Content Management Software
+ Screen + Queue Management (with wireless call buttons, ticket dispenser multimedia kiosk or pedestal).

Contact us by email ( or by phone (+357 24 813 330) to receive a demo version of this software.

quiosques multimedia


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