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Components and Accessories
The multimedia kiosks are not just a simple furniture with an interactive touchscreen monitor.They are equipped with components and accessories that enable them to perform numerous functions.

CYPRUS KIOSK COMPANY has the best partners and manufacturers of components and accessories for integration into the kiosks or in interactive multimedia projects.

We sell this components already integrated multimedia kiosks or, individually for any project.

Touchcreen Monitors SAW (Antivandalic)

Infrared Touch Monitors

Multitouch Monitors

Foils Touch / Interactive Foils

Rearprojection Films

Antivandalic Keyboards

Kiosks Printers

Card Readers (Magnetic Stripe, RFID, Mifare, Chip, Citizen Card)

Scanners Checks or Documents

Credit Card Systems (Card Readers / Pinpads) - EMV

Coin Acceptors and Bill Acceptors

Hoppers (systems of exchange)

Cooling and Heating

Antivandalic Handsets / Phones

Biometric Systems

Multimedia kiosks are used for features that require the use of various electronic components for carrying out diverse functions.

In our multimedia kiosks we use products of the most recognized manufacturers, ensuring the reliability of our equipment.

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