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CoatCheck - Wardrobe and luggage management system with ticket printer.

The CoatCheck system is the best solution for restaurants, discos, casinos, fairs and exhibitions to speed up the process of collecting coats and bags of the visitors. With this system you will be able to end the waiting lines so common in these places.

The electronic or digital COATCHECK ticketing system will help you organize your wardrobe in a more quick and effective way.

The COATCHECK system is based on a management software and a mini-kiosk that can have two different versions (touchscreen or buttons). This kiosk is equipped with a printer that can print duplicate ticketing with the identication of the article. One of the tickets is to hang on any hanger and the other ticket is for the costumer. All tickets will be recorded in the database, allowing to control the number of articles stored, timing, etc..

These printers are virtually maintenance-free because they have an high speed intelligent thermal print.

Partteam have different models of kiosks, depending on the size of the wardrobe and its requirements. The kiosks can also have an integrated webcam that allows you to make the photographic record of the customer with their clothing, thus allowing an identification in case of loss of the ticket.

At the right side you can see an example of this system embedded in a Qticket Balcony kiosk - For use in a table.

The wardrobes in exhibition centers, clubs, fairs and conferences have to dealt with some specific issues, such as:

• high number of visitors
• high input peaks after the opening of the event and before the close of the event
• In some situations, the responsable staff for this service don't t have qualifications for working with complex systems
• lack of space to properly organize the locker room.

We have clear recommendations about how to implement a more efficient system, for example, to maximize system capacity.

Sample ticket: Identification with company logo, name of the event (customizable), number of items, price (optional), date and time.

The wardrobe is your business card and the first and last impression for your customers !

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One of the most commonly used model is the Qticket Balcony that can be easily placed on any table / desk.





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