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Terms of Sevice
Our technical support is essential for the proper functioning of the equipment. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any general questions or technical question.

The technical assistance services and maintenance will be provided to the equipment by CYPRUS KIOSK COMPANY,including all electronic components, computerd and softwares in the multimedia kiosks installation locald or remotely on Partteam company.

Partteam as supplier of equipments and / or software, will provide technical assistance, maintenance and preventive maintenance on equipment in the following ways:

a. Helpdesk service with telephone support and by email
b. Interventions to solve hardware problems
c. Interventions to solve software problems
d. Providing software updates
e Go to places where the replacement operation is necessary, after delivery and accept the terms of technical assistance by the client.

The maintenance and technical assistance service tothe equipment / software includes the following:

Technical assistance resulting from malfunction notification by the customer.

a) Any technical support service is made according to the following terms:

• The technical interventions are made by skilled technics and must be accompanied by one or more customer responsable. It is understood by responsibe element a person that normally deal with the assistance / local configuration of the components (usually elements from the Informatic Dept.) and data controllers and analysis.

• The interventions don't have a pre-defined duration , but they should be done (if possible) in one day.

b) Requests for technical assistance, should follow the following steps:

1. The customer should make a phone call to our technical services during normal working hours (between 09:00 and 18:00 on weekdays), to inform the malfunction of the equipment. This contact should be done by the technical supervisor to avoid possible errors in reporting.

In this situation,
- Our technicians will try to solve the problem via telephone, with the cooperation of the technical department of the client.

If our technicians are unable to solve the problem by this way,,
the client should immediately send a short report to explain the situation of anomaly (must send all importante information for try to help solving the problem). This report should be submitted using the RTA form in this site.

After receiving the RTA,

- our technicians will carry out an analysis to the document (s) and / or files received and try, if possible, to make a new phone approach to solve the problem.

If our technicians are unable to solve the problem by this way,

2. May be required to return of the equipment or any component to our company to solve the problem or proposed resolution to the customer through a technical assistance in costumers local (according the technical assistance general conditions that are send)

If you choose for returning the equipment, then the customer must fill the RTA Form (Return Merchandise Authorization) that can be found on the SUPPORT section on this web site .

If the customer chooses to make a local intervention by Partteam technicians will be provided athe conditions and agreed a date for the intervention.

- in this situation, our technicians carry out attempts to resolve the anomaly in the customer company, except in cases where the repair is impossible to do because there is a malfunction on the equipment.

Important: The direct calls to the technical (mobile phone) must be authorized and / or advised by our company to be valid,

3. The resolution of anomalies includes / requires:

- repairs of electronic / computer whenever possible in customer company, otherwise within a maximum of 8 days and our facilities (unless of stock of the integral components of the equipments);

- repairs of equipment, if possible, in regular working hours (9:00 to 18:00) except in case of serious fault that makes necessary to extend this normal period.

- parts replacement or equipment problems resulting from manufacturing defects, assembling and disassembling of the equipment, programming and / or reprogramming equipment related to the replacement that is done.

- replacement of equipment by others with similar characteristics (in the case of components that are part of the kiosk (with the exception of the structure), (unless out of stock of the integral components of equipment);

4. It is the responsibility of the customer any damage caused by attempted repair by unauthorized personnel. If in submitted proposal a value for personnel training in hardware / software, it should be understood only as configurations and not as repair.

5. Our company reserves the right to choose a partner for resolution of damages or provide technical assistance, whennecessary, to comply with the contracts conditions, including the periods presented.

All departments of CYPRUS KIOSK COMPANY are at your disposal to provide a high quality service. Do not hesitate to contact us for any subject.
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